Play School:
Our Playschool program is based on the playway method and allows the child to learn in a fun filled environment through various activities. Our curriculum is developed by experts and covers the holistic development of the child. The activities are age and developmentally appropriate and cover creative, cognitive, physical and social skills. The program helps the child grow into a confident and independent individual.

Ages: - Playgroup: 18 months and above.
Nursery: - 2 years 10 months and above.
Ratio: - 1:8 Teacher-Child.

Our daycare program combines playschool and afterschool programs for the child. The child is involved in the playschool activities in the morning, routine feed and nap schedule followed by fun activities in the evening. Our children just love the time they spend at StepUp.

Ages: - 1.5 years and above.

After School Care:
Our exclusive after school program is designed to ensure the child is productively engaged after the regular school hours. The child is occupied with various theme based activities for an hour every day. Activities include art, dance, science, board games, festival celebrations, free play and so on. Our activity centre hosts a number of programs by various professionals, which the children can opt to take up and pursue.

Ages: - Upto 10 years.
Ratio: - 1:12 Teacher-Child.

Activity Center:
StepUp has about 1000 sq feet area dedicated exclusively for the activity centre. We organise various classes like Music, Dance, Theater, Chess etc conducted by professional trainers. We also hold workshops in different areas like Science, Art, Nature, Storytelling, cooking etc.